Keynote Speaker – Glen Irvin

It’s already been too long of a winter and I’m really looking forward to an amazing summer including the opportunity to keynote Lake ECMECC!! I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many amazing educators with fantastic pedagogical, content knowledge & classroom management ideas. Unfortunately, too many of them have kept these ideas within the confines of their classroom. I believe that this needs to change. Risa Fadenrecht has a fantastic analogy for educators.  “In agriculture, the purpose of a silo is to store grain temporarily — it’s not the final resting place for its contents. If grain remains in a silo too long it spoils and is wasted. Silos are damaging in every workplace but they are especially dangerous in education.”

We need to dispel the myths being perpetuated about education by breaking down these silos and shining a light into the magic that happens in our classrooms. So what can you do? Consider posting a sign outside of your classroom door that welcomes anyone in! This could include colleagues, administrators, parents, and other stakeholders. Ask them for feedback on one or two specific items that you are working on. Have a fantastic rest of your school year!

Glen Irvin has been an educator for 20 years, he currently works as a technology integrationist and instructional coach in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

Glen was previously a Spanish teacher. Glen is well known by the Schoology community as a Gamification expert, SchoologyAmbassador, and he was the 2016-2017 Schoology Educator of the Year. He is an avid gamer with a passion for gamification, playful learning, and game-based learning. As a teacher, his classroom was a gamified, quest-based, mastery learning environment, where students were given the time and opportunity to succeed. Feel free to connect with Glen on Twitter @irvspanish.  You can also hear his Educational insights on his OnEducation Podcast